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Library, Information & Technology Services

Our vision at LITS is to provide seamless, integrated library, information & technology services and support for the Brockport college community.


Drake Memorial Library organizes and provides access to information sources to meet the curricular and research needs of those within the academic community.

Technology Support Services  provides help to students, faculty and staff, and their devices provided by the College.

Academic Systems Integration & Support helps the college extend the learning environment outside the classroom, in collaboration with the Center for Excellence in Learning and Teaching.

Academic Technology Support provides help primarily in group settings which includes Classrooms, Learning spaces, Labs, and Events. 

Applications, Systems & Networking provides support for enterprise systems and services which support the day-to-day operation of the College.

IT Security helps coordinate the efforts to provide a secure computing environment for the College community.

Communications Infrastructure and Technology strives to provide enhanced telephone services, maintain and upgrade the campus cable infrastructure, and to perform superior customer service by utilizing the most advanced technology, enabling effective and efficient communications to our campus community and the Metro Center.


Last Updated 1/5/16