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LITS Mission, Vision & Values

LITS Mission:

We serve the library, information, and technology needs of the College community in support of its teaching, learning, research, creative, social, and administrative endeavors.

LITS Vision:

We seek to provide seamless, integrated library, information and technology related services at point of need for the Brockport college community to the best of our ability, using available resources. We aspire to a future where:

  • Access to information is ubiquitous, transparent, and intuitive.
  • Information technology is a readily used tool, enhancing the educational experience of both students and faculty.
  • College information services enhance the College’s ability to provide high quality service to our community.

LITS Values:

  • High Quality Service: Service is the reason our organization exists.  High quality service makes us an asset to the College.
  • Innovation: LITS is committed to serving our community through new and more effective means.  We value thoughtful, new approaches to problem solving.
  • Commitment to success: LITS is committed to our clients’ success, and strives to provide high quality service in support of that success.
  • Integrity: LITS service is only as reliable as we are as individuals and as an organization.
  • Collaboration: LITS staff recognize that our success – and the College’s success – depends on our ability to work together effectively within LITS and externally with our constituencies
  • Collegiality: We place high value on supporting our colleagues’ work and aspirations, and on civil discourse within the workplace.  We demonstrate our respect for our colleagues and clients through our positive support of their work.
  • Personal excellence: LITS staff are personally accountable for the quality of our work.  We hold ourselves to high standards of personal and professional behavior.
  • Openness: We are open to ideas and methods that differ from ours.  We believe that transparency makes us a more effective organization.
  • High expectations and the continual effort to improve quality: LITS expects to succeed in its service mission, and to make continuing strides towards realizing the vision described above
  • Recognition and Celebration: We will celebrate our community’s successes.  We will recognize the efforts of LITS staff in supporting those successes. 

Last Updated 12/8/15