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Document Management at The College at Brockport

Reducing filing space, increasing efficiency in document handling, improving communication, and helping The College at Brockport go paperless one department at a time!

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Documentation Timeline

What We Can Do For You!

Document Management services are available at the College at Brockport. Using Banner® Document Management (BDM) and EMC ApplicationXtender®, the Document Management Team will work with your department to convert your paper documents into easy to find and sharable digital files.


  1. Achieve cost and time savings
    • Reduced need for office supplies and document shuffling/sharing.  Staff has more time to dedicate to other office projects, procedures and services.
  2. Reclaim Filing Space. 
    • Once documents are scanned, the physical copies are no longer needed. They could either be destroyed or moved to an off-site storage location.  Exceptions are made, such as international transcripts which are extremely hard to come by.
  3. Fast and Easy Access to Documents.
    • Instead of going to a file cabinet, all of the documents are available from a smart device.  Multiple offices can locate and access documents all in one place at the same time.  In the same way that documents are stored in a folder in a filing cabinet, the newly digitized files will be indexed in AppXtender, and stored in Banner for easy access.
  4. Better Quality of Document.
    • Once a document has been stored in Banner, the file will be virtually indestructible. Unlike paper documents that get ruined with time, the digital files will be stored, backed up, and found easily into the foreseeable future.
  5. Business Process Improvement.
    • Business processes are evaluated, enhanced and improved.
  6. Managed Document Retention.
    • Retention of documents will adhere to federal and SUNY guidelines for document retention.
  7. Access to Student Record. 
    • Students and advisors can access documents anywhere from a smart device

What to expect when implementing Document Management:

  1. Dedicated time and resource(s) commitment with people who embrace technology
    • Project Management
      • Weekly project meetings
        • Timeline – Attainable milestones and completion dates
        • Realistic Goal setting
        • Action Items
    • Process Analysis and Improvement
      • Evaluation of current and future business processes
    • Training/Workshops
    • Documentation
    • Quality Control – Error Reports
    • Document Retention
  2. New Hardware and add-ons (based on need)
    • Scanner/Work station
    • Dual monitors
    • Software add-ons

Before & After Document Management


Elements of Document Management at The College at BrockportDocument Managemnet Elemets

  1. Major players becoming paperless offices
    • (GR, UG, ADV, REG, FA)
  2. Incorporate documents that are shared with major players
    • (OSR, UG-EOP, OSA, Academic Department’s Student Advisement, International Ed, …)
  3. Non-major players become paperless
    • (OSA-Finance, EOP Office, …)
  4. All offices become paperless
  5. Continual Assessment and Feedback



Important Resources & Links

  1. Access Forms Banner Resources
    • From any page, type “Forms Banner” in the white Search area.
    • Choose “Forms Banner Resources”
    • Click on “Forms Banner Documentation and Training”
    • Sign in using your NetID credentials
    • The Forms Banner Documentation & Training site offers an extensive menu of topics including Document Management.
  2. Web Banner

Presentation Documents

The Graduate Council Presentation PDF - March 12, 2014


Ellucian Inspire Award - 2013

  • This award recognizes higher education institutions who apply Ellucian technologies or services to improve operational efficiency, better serve constituents, and improve student success at their institutions.

ellucian inspire award


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