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iOS & OSx Accessibility Features


Apple products come standard with assistive technologies. Each device has accessible principles built right in. Apple's accessibility features work the same across Apple products and apps, transforming them into an affordable assistive device.

This documentation will serve as a guide to locate more information and instructions on assistive features available for each special need; including Vision, Hearing, Physical & Motor Skills, and Learning & Literacy.

Note: This documentation is in progress and incomplete. If you have any further questions or are in need of further help please contact the IT Help Desk.



Third-Party Software

Setting up Accessibility Features on iOS and OS x

Each iOS and OS X device has its own unique User Guide that includes a guide to using and setting up Accessibility Features. Please follow the steps to locate the User Guide unique to your device(s).

1) Go to Apple User Guide page.

2) Select/tap the country/language preferred. Hint: “United States” is at the bottom - scroll down.

3) Search if your device is listed in Featured Manuals; if it is not select/tap browse by product and search for your device.

4) Once you have located your device select the link available for the device that states “User Guide” next to the device name. A PDF format of the User Guide will open.

5) In the User Guide's bookmarks located on the left, select the Chapter titled “Accessibility” in the index and then navigate to the page listed.

6) Follow the instructions/guides given for the feature(s) you are interested in.

Questions? See the Apple Accessibility Support Page or contact the IT Help Desk

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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