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Apogee: Resident Students Only

The College at Brockport contracts out services for Internet and cable television in our residence halls. For assistance, call (866) 478-8861 or x5151, option 3 from any on-campus phone.

Internet Service

Upon arrival, all on-campus students may sign up for Internet service (ResNet) through our service provider, Apogee, Inc.

Get Connected

Internet Packages:

  • Basic High-Speed Internet (FREE) – 5 Mbps down, plus one additional device.
  • Choice High-Speed Internet – Max up to 30 Mbps down (based on network availability), plus 9 additional devices.
  • Customer Phone Support is available at (877) 478-8892 or x5151, option 3.
    • The call center is located at the company headquarters in Austin, TX.
    • Available 24-7-365 anytime day or night and filters 95% of calls with average call time of less than 10 minutes!
  • Sign up instantly and register your additional devices (PS3, Wii, iPhone, XBOX360, and more) at

Cable Television

  • Upon arrival, all on-campus students may plug into the coaxial jacks in their rooms for cable television service through Apogee, Inc.
  • 80+ channels, including sports channels and HBO

Cable Television

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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