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Resetting a Generic Account Password


The following document details how to reset the password for a generic or department account that you own.

1) Navigate to the Brockport password changer system at:

2) In the left column of the page in the NetID section, select “I don't know my NetID or I don't know my current password”

3) At the next screen you will be prompted for your Banner 800 number and Banner PIN, the same credentials you use to access Web Banner.

4) A list of all of the accounts that you own will display. Under the “Update generic NetID” section pick the account that you would like to reset from the list and click “Reset Password”

5) You will now be able to enter a password for the generic or department account that you selected. The same password rules for your NetID apply to your generic or department account password.

6) After you click “Change Password” and your new password is verified, you'll be taken to a success screen and will now be able to log into Brockport services with the new password.

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Documentation last reviewed on 7/13/2015 by ssmit20.

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