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Accounts & Identities at Brockport

Accounts below are listed in the order you are most likely to encounter them. The following PDF is a great resource for distinguishing between your accounts.

Are you a new student? Be sure to take the My Accounts Tutorial!

Your Banner ID is an important username to know at The College at Brockport. Your Banner ID is a nine digit number beginning with 800, followed by 6 other digits. You can find your Banner ID on your Student Bill or on your EagleOne ID card. Your Banner ID allows you to log into Web Banner (Campus Information System) to check the following:

  • Financial Aid
  • Student Services
  • Career Services
  • Grades
  • Class registration
  • Online Bill Payment

Read more information about your Banner account.


Your NetID (short for Network ID) is an important username at The College at Brockport. Your NetID is the first letter of your first name, followed by the first 4 letters of your last name, followed by a number. Note: All letters are lowercase! (ex. asmit1).

To start using your account (or any of the services below) look up your NetID and reset your password by using NetID Lookup and Password Change System. (Note: our Password Policy requires you to change your password every six months.). When you change your NetID password, please also see What To Do After Changing Your NetID Password, to avoid an interruption in services.

Your NetID will give you access to the following services:

Locate Your NetID

To look up your NetID, do the following:

  1. Log into Web Banner (Campus Information System) (see instructions on that page).
  2. Click on “Personal Information”
  3. Click on “NetID Lookup and Password Change System”

Changing Your NetID Password

NetID Expiration

See Brockport's policy on Retention of IT Privileges.

Google Apps

Your Google Apps account is your access to email, calendar, contacts and more. Your Google Apps account is You must set a password before you can use it.

Once active, you will use your Google Apps account to access:


It's important that you set up your Google Apps account as soon as possible so that you can access your Brockport email. The College will send you official email (also known as Bmail) to this address, so you should be sure to check it regularly. You will begin to receive Bmail before you arrive on campus for your first semester.

Your official email address is your NetID followed by

  • Student email, by default, will send from your NetID, but email may be received at either address.

To access Webmail you'll need to have already set up your Google Apps account.

Apogee: Internet, Cable, Telephone for Resident Students

The College at Brockport contracts out services for Internet and cable television in our residence halls. See Apogee for more information.

Personal Billing Number: Resident Students Only

If you plan on making international calls you will need to apply for a PBN. See Telecommunications for more information.

Library Accounts

Drake Library provides several services. For information on all of your accounts, see Your Library Accounts.

Your Library Card account and Interlibrary Loan account use your NetID and password. Most of our database providers also provide you an account where you can save your search results. These accounts are not tied to your NetID.

Still Need Help?

If you have any questions, or need assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk at (585) 395-5151.

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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