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-====== ApplicationXtender Multiple Login Error ====== 
-{{:​applicationxtender:​multiple-login-error.png|Multiple Login Error}} 
-If you are having this error when trying to log in, this means you have been locked out.  
-===== So What's The Fix? ===== 
-  * Simply close out of Forms Banner and ApplicationXtender. ​ 
-  * Wait 15 minutes from that point, the user should probably give it about an extra minute or two just to be safe and avoid waiting another 15 minutes. ​ 
-  * Then open up Forms Banner, and ApplicationXtender and you should be able to log in fine. 
-If you continue to receive this message, consult your department'​s imaging IT representative. ​ 
-===== Avoid This Error ===== 
-Always click the "Log Out" button when closing Application Xtender. Note: Power outages can also result in lock-outs. ​ 
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