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Creating A New Custom Answer In Hobsons

  1. Log into Hobsons by following this link

    Log in

  2. Once logged in, click the “Answer” tab along the top of the screen.

  3. Within Answers, click “New” under “Custom Answers” along the side.

    Custom answer

  4. Fill in the “Display Name” – This is what will display on the results webpage. The “Display Name” must be in ALL CAPS (This is more visually appealing when displayed in a long list of results).

  5. You do NOT need to fill in the “Description” area.

  6. Select the Folder that question should be saved in. Each question can only be saved in one folder so it should be the one that it is most related to.

  7. For “Display Type”, check both “FAQ” and “Keypoint”.

  8. Fill in the “Leading Question”. This can be the same as the “Display Name” or can be different. It should be in normal Uppercase/Lowercase style.

  9. Enter “Keywords” related to the question. Multiple keywords can be added at one time by using commas to separate each.

    NOTE: Since you are creating answers from scratch, there is no built-in knowledge base. So, answers will ONLY display if one or more keywords match exactly. Therefore, it is a good idea to include variations of words (like application, apply) or common misspellings. BUT, keep in mind that ANY answer matching a keyword will display. Therefore, try to avoid common words like college, student, etc.

  10. Be sure the “Status” is “Active”.

  11. You can ignore “Content Expiry Alert”.

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