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Blackboard Collaborate

What is Blackboard Collaborate?

Blackboard Collaborate is web-conferencing software that allows you to present or participate in an online conference, meeting, or even a class, all from the Web. You can listen to or give a presentation from your office, home, wherever you can find a computer connected to the Internet!

There are many potential uses for Blackboard Collaborate including

  • Online meetings
  • Teaching (it integrates with ANGEL and Blackboard)
  • Online workshops
  • General presentations
  • And more

For an overview of Blackboard Collaborate visit: Blackboard Collaborate Website

Who can use Blackboard Collaborate?

  • Faculty
  • Staff
  • Students: Students that have a need for hosting web conference sessions can request access with the approval of a sponsoring faculty/staff member.

How do I get started with Blackboard Collaborate?

  • Courses: There is an integration available for ANGEL that faculty can start using at any time. Please see the section below for instructions.
  • Web Meetings, Conferences, Presentations: To have a Blackboard Collaborate room created for your meetings or for your department, please send a request to

Where do I get support for Blackboard Collaborate?

Please visit our Blackboard Collaborate Support page for video tutorials, user guides, and support materials.

You can also contact the Help Desk at or 585-395-5151, option #1 for assistance.

Blackboard Collaborate Integration for ANGEL

All Brockport faculty can add the Blackboard Collaborate integration to the “Communicate” tab in their courses on ANGEL.

  1. Log into ANGEL and access the course you want to integrate
  2. Go to the Communicate tab
  3. Select Edit Page in the upper left corner
  4. Click Add Components
  5. Check the box for Blackboard Collaborate and click Add Selected
  6. Drag the nugget to desired location on the page and click Save

For complete instructions on creating and managing sessions using the integration visit: Scheduling a Blackboard Collaborate Session in ANGEL LMS

A video tutorial on using the Blackboard Collaborate integration with ANGEL is available at: Blackboard Collaborate for ANGEL LMS

Blackboard Collaborate Mobile Apps

The Blackboard Collaborate Mobile App allows users to participate in sessions from iOS and Android devices. Note: The app is only designed for participants. Moderators will still need to host their sessions from a desktop or laptop computer.


  • How does Blackboard Collaborate compare to Skype? - Skype is mainly for one-to-one or one-to-a-few web-based conferencing. Blackboard Collaborate is intended for one-to-many and includes features not available in Skype, such as break-out rooms for participant activities.
  • Who can use Blackboard Collaborate? - Session participants can be faculty, staff, and students as well as people outside the College.
  • What is a Blackboard Collaborate moderator/participant? - A Collaborate Moderator is the person giving the presentation within Collaborate. It is the presenter. They have access to all of the features built-in to Collaborate and have control over what the participants have access to. A Collaborate participant is a person attending the web-conference.
  • How can I receive training on Blackboard Collaborate? - For training materials please see Blackboard Collaborate Support or send a request to
  • Can I participate in a Collaborate session from a mobile device? – YES! There are iOS and Android apps available for Collaborate. The functionality is less than running from your PC or Mac, but for folks on the go, it is a great feature.
  • What do I need in order for moderators and participants to use Collaborate?
    • All users will need to verify their computer meets the Blackboard Collaborate system requirements by going to this web address:Test Your System
    • Blackboard Collaborate works best when all participants use headsets for audio or have a quality microphone connected to their device. Users are responsible for providing their own headsets, microphones, or webcams. LITS does not have any equipment available for loan.

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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