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Bmail FAQ's

What are examples of official College communications?

Official College communications are defined as any administrative correspondence that either requires a response from the student or is required notification by the College before taking actions on the student’s campus information. There are numerous documents that you may have received that are considered official College communications. Here are a few examples:

  • Office of Student Accounts
    • Financial Aid Disbursement Notices
    • Title IV Authorization and Refund Notices
    • Student Billing Statements
  • Financial Aid Office
    • Reminders to Accept Aid
    • Financial Aid Award Letters
    • Financial Aid Outstanding Requirement Notices
  • Registration and Records
    • Affirm Enrollment Notices
    • Registration Confirmation Notices
    • Incomplete Grade Contract Notification

A complete current listing of official communications that will be available via Bmail can be found by visiting the Campus Information System (Banner) Bmail page. The listing will also identify the anticipated term in which that official communication will become Bmail as not all communications will be available effective fall 2008.

What are the benefits of Bmail?

Bmail is a fast, easy way to get all of the important information right to your e-mail. No more hanging around for snail mail, holding on the phone, or waiting in line. Just click, read and react! No matter where you are or what you’re doing, if you have access to e-mail you have access to your Bmail. Plus you help to eliminate wasteful paper mail and assist the College in its conservation efforts.

How do I find out what my Brockport campus email account is?

Your e-mail ID is also referred to as your campus NetID. For information on finding out what your NetID/campus e-mail account is, please see Getting Started with Google Apps

Will I get spammed with numerous emails from the College because of Bmail?

No, Bmail is for official communications from administrative offices that require a student to take action or to notify a student of important information. Bmail is not a public list for promoting events or services. Bmail will not be used to announce parties, receptions, dances, sales, club events, and other information that is of an unofficial nature.

In order to distinguish official Bmail communication messages from other e-mail correspondence you may receive, Bmail will have a subject line that starts with “Official Bmail From…” and will be from an address of These identifiers can be used by students to filter other mail and ensure Bmail communications are not blocked.

What are a student's responsibilities when he/she receives Bmail?

  1. Checking your campus e-mail on a regular basis for any new official communications. As most correspondence identified to be sent as Bmail is either initiated by the student (like Title IV authorizations and refund notices) or is on a pre-determined schedule (like Affirm Enrollment notices and bills), the frequency for checking your campus e-mail account for official Bmail communications may differ from student to student.
  2. If you use a client e-mail software package instead of campus Google Apps, then you must ensure that is considered a trusted address so it will not be filtered out as spam by your e-mail software. Depending on what software you are using the College’s Help Desk may be able to assist you. Please keep in mind that the College is not responsible for official Bmail communications that cannot be delivered because the Bmail was blocked by commercial or personal spam filters.
  3. If a communication indicates that you need to take action, you should do so within any deadlines indicated.
  4. If you have a question about any specific communication, contact the appropriate sending office for assistance.

Can I forward my campus email account to an off-campus account?

The College at Brockport does not allow the automatic forwarding of email. The College relies on email for official communications to students. We can confirm delivery of e-mail to Brockport mailboxes; however, we cannot guarantee that messages are delivered to servers outside of our environment. More information on forwarding and other email policies are available at

Will my personal identity information be protected in electronic communications?

Yes! There are two formats that will be used to protect personal identity information involved with official communications.

  1. Many communications will be a notice of action or information that a student can perform by logging into the Campus Information System. In these cases, the e-mail will only contain instructions along with a link to the Campus Information System.
  2. If personal identity information needs to be included in the communication, it will be sent in an attached PDF file that is encrypted and password protected. The password will be the student’s Campus Information System PIN number.

If I do not own a computer, how can I receive Bmail?

Every student enrolled at Brockport receives a campus e-mail account. This account is accessible via Google Apps from anywhere in the world where you have Internet access, including public libraries and many other public places. You may also access your campus e-mail account from any computer lab on campus including Daily Hall Computer Center, Drake Library, and the Seymour Union. For a listing of satellite lab locations and hours, go to:

Do I need to take any action to get official Bmail Communications sent to my campus email account?

No, starting in fall 2008, all students will have official communications that are listed as Bmail (see for current listing) sent to their Brockport campus e-mail account. Please see FAQ #6 for ensuring Bmails get through any filtering you may have in your e-mail software.

Can I still receive official Bmail communications via regular mail?

No. There is no opt-out option. All students will be expected to check their Brockport campus e-mail account (see Google Apps) for official Bmail communications listed as Bmail (see Campus Information System for current listing).

Is there any impact on receiving Blackboard course mail?

Bmail will have no impact on your Blackboard course mail. Blackboard is the College’s Learning Management System used by faculty and students to perform course-work related activities (post course materials, take quizzes, participate in discussion forums, etc.).

Who do I contact if I have questions about Bmail?

All questions about Bmail can be directed to the Help Desk at (585) 395-5151 opt. 1

I am both a student and a staff/faculty member, which campus email account will receive official Bmail communications?

Official Bmail communications will be sent to your student campus email account.

If I am a staff/faculty member in an administrative department who wishes to send official Bmail communications, whom do I contact?

Please contact LITS (x2385) to have a Banner analyst/programmer discuss your department Bmail needs. For those departments that have sent informational emails, the documentation on the Web for that process also talks about Bmail.

If I'm still receiving official College correspondence by US mail, how can I receive them via Bmail?

Not all official college correspondence will be available as Bmail in fall 2008. Some official College correspondence will become Bmail at a later time. To get a current listing of Bmails, participating campus offices and when the communications will be available as Bmail, visit the Campus Information System (Banner). If you do not see the official College correspondence on that list, contact the sending department for information as to when they will be offering the correspondence as an official Bmail communication

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