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How to Download Microsoft Office on your Mac

1) Create an account with e-academy (

2) Select the Mac version of Microsoft Office

3) Click “Add To Cart” next to the free downloadable version

4) A new screen will appear with your order. You can access your download/product key for 31 days after ordering. If you wish to extend this to 24 months, you can do so by paying around $5

5) When you've selected your desired options, click “Check Out”

6) A notification will appear stating that you will need to uninstall any version of Office that you might already have on your computer. Click “Continue”

7) You will need to agree to the license by entering in your username (your Brockport email) and your full name. Click “I Accept”

8) Complete the brief customer survey and click “Next”

9) Another summary will appear. Click “Continue With Order”

10) Your order has been placed and a receipt will appear. A confirmation will also appear in your email

11) Click the “Start Download” button

12) Download instructions will appear:

13) During the SDM install, save the file and locate the .zip file in Downloads

14) Open the SDM.pkg file and finish the installation process

15) During the .SDX install, save the file and locate the .sdx file in Downloads

16) Choose the correct download. This will likely be the first option (standard)

17) Once the download is complete, click “Launch”. In your Downloads, find the Office 2011 folder. Open the .img file

18) The .img file will open to a .DMG file. Open this file

19) “Microsoft Office 2011” will open and there will be a copy on your desktop

20) Follow the installation steps. Your product key can be found on your order receipt

Microsoft Office should now be downloaded on your computer!

If you encounter any problems, call the Help Desk (585) 395-5151 option 1

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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