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Subscribing to Listservs (Lyris)

There are two main ways to use Lyris software. Almost everything that you need to do on the server is easily and effectively performed via its web interface at Another way to use Lyris is to send commands via e-mail as shown below.

1. Subscribing to a mailing list

Since it is impossible to know where a user wants their messages sent, ITSS does not automatically subscribe people to mailing lists. Users must subscribe themselves to the mailing lists from the e-mail address of their preference. To be added to a list, a user simply sends a message to Lyris. Replace <LISTNAME> with your particular list as appropriate in the following commands.

To: Message: subscribe <LISTNAME> user's name

Example: To: Message: subscribe HST100 Jane Smith

2. Sending messages to the list

Sending messages to the mailing list is easy:


Subject: <Your subject>

Message: <Your message>

3. Unsubscribing from a mailing list

Occasionally, users will need to unsubscribe from a list. Unsubscribing is as simple as subscribing.


Subject: unsubscribe <LISTNAME>

4. Getting Help

Lyris understands several commands, and is not limited to a single command per message (it will process commands until reaching end-of-message). The command “help” will tell you about all the other commands.

Some of the commands which Lyris understands, and which are for everyone to use are:

subscribe <LISTNAME> first name last name

unsubscribe <LISTNAME>

You can get detailed explanations of all these by asking for “help” from Lyris (send a message containing just the word “help” as the message text to

Report any problems with any part of the mailing list system to the Help Desk 585-395-5151 option 1.

5. Listing Subscribers (for owners only)

List owners can obtain a list of the e-mail addresses of subscribed users by sending mail to Lyris as follows.


Message: login <LISTNAME>.admin review <LISTNAME> all

6. Archived Messages

Lyris archives the messages sent to your mailing list. You can retrieve all messages by following the LISTNAME with a date or range of dates. The format of the date is yyyymmdd.

Subscribers to a mailing list can retrieve archived files by sending a request to


Message: get <LISTNAME>

To retrieve all the messages for March 2001, you would issue the following command.

get <LISTNAME> 20010301-20010331

For additional information please see the Lyris user's guide at:

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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