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4. Getting Help

Lyris understands several commands, and is not limited to a single command per message (it will process commands until reaching end-of-message). The command “help” will tell you about all the other commands.

Some of the commands which Lyris understands, and which are for everyone to use are:

subscribe <LISTNAME> first name last name

unsubscribe <LISTNAME>

You can get detailed explanations of all these by asking for “help” from Lyris (send a message containing just the word “help” as the message text to

Report any problems with any part of the mailing list system to the Help Desk 585-395-5151 option 1.

5. Listing Subscribers (for owners only)

List owners can obtain a list of the e-mail addresses of subscribed users by sending mail to Lyris as follows.


Message: login <LISTNAME>.admin review <LISTNAME> all

6. Archived Messages

Lyris archives the messages sent to your mailing list. You can retrieve all messages by following the LISTNAME with a date or range of dates. The format of the date is yyyymmdd.

Subscribers to a mailing list can retrieve archived files by sending a request to


Message: get <LISTNAME>

To retrieve all the messages for March 2001, you would issue the following command.

get <LISTNAME> 20010301-20010331

For additional information please see the Lyris user's guide at:

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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