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Bulletin 3: iOS: Installing the Exchange Configuration Profile over a Pre-Existing Brockport IMAP Account


It is very important that any pre-existing Brockport IMAP email accounts be removed from an iOS device before the Configuration Profile for Exchange is installed for the same email address. Having two email accounts configured to the same email address can cause problems on the device.

Helpful documentation: Removing an Email Account from an iOS Device

NOTE: If the Exchange configuration profile was already installed while a pre-existing Brockport email account for the same email address was on the phone, follow the procedure to remove the pre-existing account. It may require a powerdown/powerup sequence on the device for it to be able to pull mail. If it still doesn't work, then remove the configuration profile from the device and reinstall it.

NOTE 2: It is fine to have more than one Brockport account installed on the device, as long as they refer to different email addresses. However, you cannot use the Configuration Profile for more than one account. Subsequent uses of the profile will merely overwrite the first account. Configuration of additional accounts must be done manually.

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