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Configuring Exchange on Blackberry Devices

Important: Mobile device access needs to be activated before the device can be connected. If it is not activated, setup will be unsuccessful


Brockport uses the Blackberry Enterprise Server Express (BES) to enable you to connect your Blackberry device to your Brockport Exchange mailbox for email, calendaring, and contacts, as well as to make use of the Brockport Global Address list. This documentation has been developed for Blackberry devices with OS 5.0 or higher.

Important Notes

Activating your Blackberry device requires a special activation password which will be emailed to your account after you complete one of the activation methods described below. DO NOT delete this email until after your activation has been completed.

If the device is not college-owned: You will need to fill out a request/agreement form, which can be found here: Personal Mobile Device Policy

This form needs to be returned to Technolgy Support Services in hard copy in Edwards A21 or by fax to (585)395-2381.

If the device is college-owned: Contact the Help Desk at 585-395-5151 option 1 to request activation for the account.


Please make sure that you have access to the activation email that you received. DO NOT delete this email until your activation is complete.

1) Go to 'Maximize Panel' > 'Setup' > 'Email Accounts' > 'Enterprise Account'

2) Enter your Brockport email address:

3) Enter the Activation Password that was received in your email account

4) Select “Activate”

5) The Blackberry should start configuring the mailbox account automatically and give a “Successful Activation” message when it is done.

6) A device restart will be required.

LITS recommends the use of the following settings when configuring your Blackberry message options. These can be setup while in the message screen by hitting the Menu key and selecting Options.

  • Message Display and Actions:
    • Check Hide Read Filed Messages
    • Check Hide Sent Messages
    • Set Days to Keep Messages to 30
  • Inbox Settings:
    • Select only Desktop under Email Accounts
  • Email Settings:
    • Set Use Auto Signature to Yes
    • Enter and customize your mobile device signature
  • Email Reconciliation:
    • Set Delete On to Mailbox & Handheld
    • Set Wireless Reconcile to On
    • Set On Conflicts to Mailbox Wins

LITS recommends the use of the following settings when configuring your Blackberry calendar options. These can be setup while in the calendar screen by hitting the Menu key and selecting General Options.

  • General Options:
    • First Day of Week: Sun
    • Start of Day: 8:00AM
    • End of Day: 5:00PM
    • Initial View: Agenda
    • Show Free Time in Agenda View: No
    • Show End Time in Agenda View: Yes
    • Snooze: 5 Min.
    • Default Reminder: 15 Minutes
    • Enable Quick Entry: Yes
    • Confirm Delete: Yes
    • Keep Appointments: 60 Days
    • Show Tasks: No
    • Show Alarms: Yes

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