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Configuring an iOS Device for Find my iPhone/iPad


“Find My iPhone” or “Find My iPad”, depending on the device in question, is a facility provided by Apple through iCloud to help locate a missing or stolen iOS device, or to protect personal data on the device, using any computer or smartphone. In addition to providing a map position for the current location of the device, Find My iPhone/iPad allows a user to play a sound or send a message to the device, to lock it, or to remotely wipe the device back to factory settings.

Use of the service does require an iCloud account, which can be set up using an existing Apple ID (many people will already have this for use with iTunes), or a new Apple ID can be created.

LITS strongly encourages all users of iOS devices to enable this service on their personal devices. It is required on College-owned equipment.


1) Tap the “Settings” app:


2) Tap “iCloud” (you will probably need to scroll down a little to see it):

3a) If you already have an Apple ID (used for the iTunes store, and the Mac App Store), then enter your Apple ID and password where indicated and tap the “Sign In” button:

3b) If you do not already have an Apple ID you will need to create one, so tap the “Get a Free Apple ID” button:

4) Tap the “OK” button to allow the app to use location services to find your device when you look for it:

5) Be sure that “Find my iPhone/iPod/iPad” is turned on. Note that here is where you can enable/disable other iCloud features:

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