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Configuring Exchange on iOS Devices using the Exchange Profile

Important: Mobile device access needs to be activated before the device can be connected. If it is not activated, setup will be unsuccessful


Installing the Brockport Exchange configuration profile on your iOS device (iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad) will enable you to connect to your Brockport Exchange mailbox for email, calendaring, and contacts, as well as to make use of the Brockport Global Address list.

Important Notes

Mobile device access needs to be activated before the device can be connected.

If the device is not college-owned: You will need to fill out a request/agreement form, which can be found here: Personal Mobile Device Policy

This form needs to be returned to Amanda Auriemma in hard copy on the 2nd Floor of Allen Admin or by fax to (585)395-5911.

If the device is college-owned: Contact the Help Desk at 585-395-5151 option 1 to request activation for the account.

If you already have your NetID profile installed and are just trying to add another Brockport Exchange mailbox to your device DO NOT follow this procedure. If you do, your first mailbox will be replaced on the device by the new mailbox. Instead, call the HelpDesk at 5151 for help installing a second account.

If your NetID profile already exists on your device and needs to be deleted to reinstall, due to errors or other issues, please see iOS: Removing a Configuration Profile first to properly remove your original profile prior to beginning these steps of reconfiguration.

LITS Highly Recommends that you configure your device for Find My iPhone/iPod/iPad To help you recover or secure the device if it is lost or stolen.


1) If you already have an account on the device to connect to your old Brockport account, remove that account from the device first.

2) Make sure you are on 3G connectivity or connected to a wifi network by running Safari. If the webpage loads, there is a connection

3) In Safari, enter and load this URL:

4) You should see a screen like this- tap the “Install” button.

5) When the “Unverified Profile” appears, tap the “Install Now” button.

6) If you have a passcode lock set on your iPad please following these directions, otherwise continue to step 7: You will now be prompted for the 4 digit passcode to proceed. This passcode is the 4 digit code used to log into your iPad, and is not related in any way to your NetID password. Enter your passcode and proceed to step 7.

7) Enter your Brockport email address as shown here (replace “netid” with your own NetID), then tap the “Next” button.

8) Enter “win\” followed by your NetID, as shown here, then tap the “Next” button.

9) Enter your NetID password, then tap the “Next” button.

NOTE: Whenever you change your NetID password, you will need to update it on your iOS device as well.

10) You should see a screen like this. Tap the “Done” button. If you do not see a similar screen, please contact a member of the Collaboration Team (see below).

11) You have now successfully configured your iOS device for Brockport Exchange. Open the Mail, Calendar, and Address Book apps to explore the new functionality.

Still Need Help? Chat with support

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