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Configure Exchange for Mail App on Mac OS X


This documentation provides the steps for setting up your Exchange account on Mac OS X. Once the setup is complete your Exchange Mail, Calendar, and Address Book will be accessible via the apps specified in this documentation.

Note: You can click the screenshot images to see them in larger view.


1) Select “System Preferences…” from the Apple menu at the top left.

2) Click the “Internet Accounts” icon

3) Click “Add Account” and select “Microsoft Exchange”

4) Enter in your name, your NetID email address, and your NetID password. Click “Continue”

5) Enter in the following information:

  • Description: Brockport Exchange
  • User name: win\your NetID
  • Password: your NetID password
  • Server address:

Click “Continue”

6) An Account Summary will appear. Make sure the information is correct. Click “Continue”

7) Make sure all boxes are checked and click “Add Account”

8) You have now successfully configured your Mail App for Brockport Exchange. It may take a few minutes before email begins to flow into the Inbox.

9) Use the programs in the “Applications” folder (they are usually on the dock as well) to work with your Exchange mailbox. “Mail” for email, “iCal” for your calendar and tasks, and “Address Book” to manage your contacts, distribution lists, and the Exchange Global Address List.

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