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Brockport Dropbox

The Brockport Dropbox service is available to faculty and staff who need to move large files between users at the College as well as to colleagues off-campus. The service allows for the sharing of large files which would otherwise be blocked by most mail servers if they were included as attachments.

The service can be accessed at and supports sharing files up to 500 MB in size.

Note: The Dropbox service is not meant to be a permanent storage solution, but rather a means to moving data around. Data uploaded to the Dropbox is automatically deleted after 30 days. You should continue to use FileCity to permanently store your data.

To upload data to the Dropbox:

1. Log into the Dropbox with your NetID and password

2. Select the file you wish to upload by clicking the Browse button and selecting a file

3. Click the upload icon

4. A new screen will appear asking for more information. Fill in the desired information. It is recommended that you fill out the form entirely, which will result in a verification email being sent to your mailbox.

5. Click “Complete Upload”

6. Your file will appear on your screen as a download link. There will also be a link to remove the uploaded file from the dropbox. You can get to this information for the next 30 days by logging into or through the email that was sent (if you chose to do this).

7. To download the file, click the download link

8. You will be required to enter a captcha image, unless you unchecked this option earlier.

Click “Proceed”

9. You can now download your file by clicking “Download file”

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