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How to Export Your Contacts from Webmail Prior to Being Moved to Exchange


NOTE: You should only use this procedure if you have been notified by email that you are going to be moved to the new Exchange email system.

When you are moved to the new Exchange email system, all of your email will be automatically moved, but if you need to have your contact records moved as well, you must create an export file of your contacts. Providing us with this file will both inform us that you wish to have contact records moved, and will provide us with the data we need to do so.

IF you do not have contacts saved in webmail, or if you do not need to have them moved, you do not need to do anything at all.


1) Login to your webmail.

2) Go to your Contacts page, by clicking the button at the left:

3) Select “Import/Export” from the “Tools” menu on the Contacts page:

4) Be sure that “.LDIF” is selected in the “File Type:” pop-up menu, then click the “Export Now” button.

5) A file called “addrbook.ldif” will be created on your computer wherever your web browser stores downloaded files: this is usually your “Downloads” folder unless you have changed that setting.

6) Email the “addrbook.ldif” file as an attachment to

7) Quit webmail.

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