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Personal Mobile Device Policy


  • The College at Brockport provides and supports baseline connectivity to the College’s Exchange email and calendaring environment through state-owned computers and mobile devices.
  • We are aware that users will come to this campus with a wide range of devices with a wide range of capabilities and many will want or need to connect to College systems, particularly the Exchange Collaboration Suite, with personal devices.
  • We want to facilitate this kind of mobile device use, while at the same time protecting the security and integrity of the College’s network and data infrastructure, and maintaining the confidentiality of College and State data which may be placed on the personal devices as a result.

Policy Summary

In order to facilitate the use of personal mobile devices with the Exchange, the College has enacted a Personal Mobile Device Policy that requires users to complete an agreement form in order to connect their personal device to the system. The provisions of the agreement are intended primarily for the protection of the security and integrity of the College's network and data infrastructure, and to the maintenance of confidentiality of College and State data which may be stored on personal devices.

The complete policy is available at:

Also, please see the Personal Mobile Device Agreement FAQs

Request and Agreement Form

Brockport faculty and staff who wish to connect their personal, non-state-owned, mobile devices (smart phones, ipod touches, tablets) to the College's Exchange environment must complete the Request and Agreement Form:


The completed form should be printed, signed, and returned to Technology Support Services: Edwards Building, or faxed to at 585-395-2381.

NOTE: This form is not needed for laptops.

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