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Exchange Monthly Mailbox Report

The Exchange email system utilizes storage quotas to ensure optimal performance and to ensure good stewardship of email resources.

The system will send a monthly mailbox report to each user to provide information about the current status of their mailbox. The report contains information concerning current Total mailbox size, Inbox folder size, and Sent Items size which can be used to assist in regular mailbox management.

The report is delivered to each mailbox on the last Friday of each month.

Report Overview


To verify the authenticity of the report. Look for the following information:

  • From: Helpdesk, Brockport
  • Subject: Monthly Mailbox Report

NOTE: Brockport LITS will never ask for your NetID password. If you receive an email requesting your password by reply or by clicking a link to submit it, these are indicators of a phishing email. Please delete and do not respond to any email that requests your password.

Mailbox Summary

The image below shows the details provided by the mailbox report:

Description of report items:

  • Quota: The amount of storage provided for your account (1GB for most Exchange users)
  • Total: This is the total current storage size in MB and the total number of items in your account
  • Inbox: The total current storage size of your Inbox and the number of items in the Inbox
  • Sent Items: The total current storage size of your Sent Items folder and the number of items in that folder
  • Deleted Items: The total current storage size of your Deleted Items folder and the number of items in that folder
  • Calendar: Total number of events in your calendar

Mailbox Management Best Practices

  • Regularly clean out your Sent Items and Deleted Items folders of any unneeded messages.
  • Save attachments to FileCity or FileCity2 and delete the original message.
  • Keep the number of items per folder below 10,000 to improve mailbox performance.

Complete information on strategies for managing your Exchange mailbox are available at: Managing Quotas in Exchange

If you have any questions or need help with any issues related to quotas or mailbox management, please contact the Help Desk at (585)395-5151, option 1.

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