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Overview of Exchange and FAQ

Exchange 2010 is the faculty/staff email and calendar service available at The College at Brockport. Below is an overview and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Microsoft Exchange at The College at Brockport.

What is Exchange?

Microsoft Exchange is an email and calendar system used at The College at Brockport. Exchange enables Brockport faculty and staff to manage their email, calendar, contacts, and tasks in one unified location.

How do I connect to Exchange?

You can use Outlook on Windows to access Exchange. Mac Mail, iCal, and Address Book can also be used together to access your Exchange email, calendar, and contacts, respectively. You can also access your Exchange calendar and email through Outlook Web App (OWA) or using a mobile device, like an iPhone. A complete list of supported clients and devices is shown below.

Outlook Web App (OWA) at offers the same core features available in Outlook and works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome on Windows and Firefox, Safari on Mac OS X as well as other modern browsers. You should consider using OWA to access your Exchange calendar and email, rather than an Exchange client like Outlook. OWA works equally well on Windows and Mac OS X.

How do I log into Exchange?

For security purposes, each time you access Exchange you will be prompted for your credentials. Enter your information in the following format:

  • Domain\user name: win\your_netid
  • Password: your_netid_password

What are the supported Exchange clients?

The following Exchange clients are supported by the LITS Help Desk:

  • Outlook 2010 for Windows
  • Outlook 2013 for Windows
  • Mail, iCal, Address Book for Mac OS X
  • Outlook Web App (OWA)
  • iPhone, iPod touch, iPad
  • Android 2.1 and higher
  • BlackBerry

No Longer Supported: Exchange no longer supports the following clients.

  • Outlook 2003, 2007
  • Thunderbird

Can students sign up for Exchange?

Exchange is for faculty and staff only. Student at the College have use of their own email and calendar system. Student Workers traditionally access relevant Exchange information through the use of a department account. Department accounts and special use accounts can be requested through the Help Desk at 585-395-5151 option 1.

Additional information about student email services is available at:

Can I mark calendar events as "private" so no one else can see them?

Yes, you can mark events as private in most clients like Outlook and OWA. Some clients or devices do not allow you to make an event private. In that case, you can still create the event and then make it private at a later time when you have access to a client that does support this option.

When you share your calendar with someone, that person cannot see the details of your private calendar events. However, you can allow a delegate special permission to see your private events.

What mobile device should I use with Exchange calendar?

iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone all support Exchange. For more information, refer to the Exchange setup for mobile device section of this website.

What is my Exchange quota?

Most Exchange users will be subject to a 1GB storage quota. This quota is being created to ensure optimal performance of the system and to ensure good stewardship of email resources. Users who are approaching their established quota will receive an automated, daily message informing them of their status. If the quota is surpassed, users will be prohibited from sending messages, but will continue to receive messages until their utilization is reduced below their established quota.

Additional information about best practices for managing your email and steps for reviewing your utilization are available at: Managing Quotas in Exchange

Documentation adapted from Illinois State University -

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