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Outlook 2010 - Search folders


Search Folders will allow you to create custom views for sorting and organizing your mail. They are available for both Outlook 2007 and 2010 users.

Search Folders can be used to sort out large mail or allow you to see the contents of multiple folders at one time “Inbox+” and “Large Mail” are the two most common folders used for sorting mail.


Inbox plus can show you all of your mail from both your Inbox and Sent folders.

1) Go to the Folder Tab on the Ribbon and select “New Search Folder”.

2) Scroll to the bottom of this window and select “Create a custom Search Folder”, then select the “Choose” button.

3) In the window that appears type “Inbox+” in the “Name” field and select the “Browse” button.

4) Uncheck the “Mailbox - Lastname, Firstname” folder and check the “Inbox” and “Sent Items” folders. Also uncheck the “Search subfolders” checkbox to prevent those messages from getting added.

5) To exit back to mail select “OK”, then “OK” again, then “Yes”, then “OK” one last time. You should now see Inbox+ listed under Search Folders.

Large Mail

The large mail folder can help you keep your quota maintained by targeting messages that are using a majority of your quota.

1) Go to the Folder Tab on the Ribbon and select “New Search Folder”.

2) Scroll to the bottom of this window and select “Large Mail” and then select the “Choose” button.

3) Change the value to “3000” and select “OK”.

4) To return back to mail select “OK”.

Note: A large mail folder usually is created for Outlook by default but the message size limit is too low, hence the change in size limit value.

LITS Recommended steps with Large Mail Folder

In order to best manage your mail, LITS recommends making these setting changes so that you are able to see the total number of large messages within your email account next to the folder name, rather than just the number of unread messages within the folder.

1) Right click on “Larger than 3000kb” and select “Properties” from the menu.

2) In the properties window select the radio button “Show total number of items”.

3) Select “OK” to return.

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