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File City

File City is personal file storage space on campus. Students and faculty/staff currently affiliated with The College at Brockport all have an account set up. It is available on all lab computers on campus and via the Web at this location:

Students also have access to an unlimited amount of storage using their Google Apps for Education account and Google Drive. Google Drive

File City FAQ

What is my File City drive?

Students, faculty, and staff have access to 5 GB of data storage while using the lab computing facilities at The College at Brockport. This service is intended to provide a convenient, data storage area. Your File City drive is your own personal space on a file server. No one else can access it unless they log into the network with your NetID and password, so it's more private than simply storing documents on a public lab hard drive.

How do I access my File City drive?

Whenever you log into the lab PC’s, your File City drive is automatically mapped to the drive letter “Z”. In the labs, you can access this drive using “My Computer” or by using the desktop shortcut. You can now access this drive via the Web at the following URL:

How much storage space is available to me on the server?

Each user has a maximum of 5 GB of storage space available to them on the server. Requests for additional storage can be made by contacting the HelpDesk.

Can I give other users access to my File City drive?

No, the File City drive is designed for individual use only. However, group collaboration shares can be setup upon request. For additional information regarding group collaboration shares, please refer to FileCity2

Is the data on my File City drive backed up?

Yes, File City home directories are backed up.

Can I access my home drive from the residence halls? Can I access it from home?

Yes, you can access this drive via the web at the following URL:

How long does data stored on the home drive remain there?

Files are retained until the individual leaves the college.

What is the procedure for instructors who want to share a file with the class?

Instructors should use ANGEL - Check the ANGEL Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

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