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Using File City Web


Filecity can be accessed from any location using the web portal found here:

If you are on campus, you can set up a Network Drive to access your File City home folder directly.

NOTE: You can click the screenshot images to see them in larger view.

Logging Into File City

1. Go to : The window shown below will appear. Click File City Web. File City Interactive Documentation.

2. Enter your NetID and password.

3. You should now see a directory-style listing of all your files.

Working In File City Web

To view a file, click on the file name. Your web browser will prompt you to save or open the file. To go into a folder, click on the folder name. To go back, use the File City “Up” button, NOT your browser's back button.

The following Toolbar appears in your web browser. Use these buttons to work in File City.

Up - Use this button to go up one folder in a directory. Note: Do NOT use the “Back” button on your browser. This will navigate you away from File City.

Upload File - Use this button to upload a file to the directory you are currently in.

Browse to the file that you want to upload, and click “Upload”.

New Directory - Creates a new Folder in the folder you are currently in.

Delete Files - Use this button to delete files and folders off of File City.

To mark files for deletion, click the checkbox next to the file or folder you want to delete.

If you are sure you want to delete the files, click “OK”. Note: There is no way to undo this operation!

Log Off - Log out of File City.

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