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Mapping FileCity2

If you are using a computer off-campus: Access FileCity2 using the Web Interface ( Instructions on how to use the Web Interface can be found here.

Mapping FileCity2 on PC

If you are located on-campus: Mapping a Network Drive on a Windows PC allows you to access your FileCity2 drive just like you would your hard drive, CD-ROM drive, Flash drive, etc. To accomplish this, follow these simple steps:

1. Go to “Computer”

2. Click on “Map Network Drive”

3. In the dialog box, where it says “Folder:”, type \\\sharename (sharename is the name of your department's share folder, given to you by the System Administrator). If you would like to input your user name and password every time you connect, uncheck the “Reconnect at logon” checkbox. Otherwise, leave it with the default settings.


4. Click “Finish”

5. You will now see FileCity2 listed under “Network Location”

6. If you would like to create a shortcut on your desktop, simply right click on the icon and select “Create Shortcut” createshortcut2.jpg

There should now be a shortcut to FileCity2 on the desktop!

Mapping FileCity2 on Mac OSX

1. Minimize all open windows and single-click anywhere on the background to make sure ‘Finder’ is the active application on the top left of the screen.

2. Once you see ‘Finder’ in the top right corner, click the ‘Go’ button. Scroll down and click ‘Connect to Server’.

3. Here is where you will type in the path of the FileCity2 departmental share you are mapping.

4. Type the path of the share you are trying to map. For departmental share enter smb:// followed by the name of the share. Please contact IT if you are unsure of the share name.

5. Once the path is entered click the “+” sign, and then click “Connect”.

6. You will then be prompted for your credentials.

7. Make sure the “Registered User” radio button is selected. Enter your Brockprot NetID and password. Check the box to “Remember this password in the keychain” to allow the drive to automatically map next time you login. Click “Connect”.

8. Once connected your mapped network drive should appear on the upper-right hand portion of your desktop. Double clicking it will show its contents.

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