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File City 2

File City 2 allows faculty, staff and students to collaborate and share documents and folders.

Note: Individual user space is available on File City.

File City 2 Documentation:

File City 2 FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about File City 2.

What is a File City 2 share?

Upon request, faculty and staff can have access to 5 GB of data storage while using computing facilities at The College at Brockport. This service is intended to provide a convenient data storage area that allows for the collaboration of data between users. The share is restricted to only members of the group assigned to the share (when a request for a new share is submitted, who should have access to the share is recorded in a group).

How do I access my File City 2 share?

From on campus, your workstation can be setup to map a drive, which would allow you browse to the share through the “My Computer” icon. Shared space can also be access via the web at

Can I give other users access to my File City 2 drive?

Access can be granted to other users. Access requests must be approved by the designated owner of the share.

How much storage space is available on the server?

Each share has a maximum of 5 GB of storage space available. Requests for additional storage can be made through the HelpDesk.

Is the data on File City 2 backed up?

Yes, File City 2 data is backed up.

Can I access the share from home

Yes, the share can be accessed from home at

What is the procedure to request a share?

Requests for a share should be made through the ITS Help Desk at 585-395-5151 option 1

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