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Getting Started with Google Apps


This page acts a starting point for familiarizing yourself with some of the features provided by Google Apps for Education for Brockport Students. In addition this page contains links to some helpful tips and tricks to keep in mind when using your new Google Apps account.

Accessing your Account

If you're a new student at Brockport you'll need to set a password for your Google Apps account before you can use it. You can find directions on changing your password here or dive right in and change your password at:

Learn more about your accounts and identities at Brockport!


Google Calendar

Google Docs

Google Mobile

Since Google is continuously updating their support for mobile devices please check Google Mobile for the latest news about Google Apps on smart phones and internet enabled tablets.

To setup Gmail on your phone using a Google developed app check here on your mobile device's browser:

To use your Android or iOS device's native mail application follow the steps here:

Configuring Gmail on Android Devices

Configuring Gmail on iOS Devices

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