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===== Google Docs ===== ===== Google Docs =====
-[[|Getting started with Google Docs]]+[[|Overview of Google Docs]]
-[[|Using Google Docs]]+[[|Creating a document]]
-[[|Manage your documents]]+[[|Edit and format a document]]
-[[|Share, publish and embed documents]]+[[|Insert images, links, and comments]]
-[[|Google Docs support page]]+[[|Share your document with other people ]] 
 +[[|Publish a document]]
===== Google Mobile ===== ===== Google Mobile =====
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[[google:client:ios|Configuring Gmail on iOS Devices]] [[google:client:ios|Configuring Gmail on iOS Devices]]
 +**Still Need Help?**
 +[[ from Self Help&c2cjs=1|Chat with support]]
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