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Google Migration FAQs (Students):

Library, Information and Technology Services (LITS) is pleased to announce the implementation of a new set of email and calendaring services for Brockport students. Student email accounts will be switching over to Google Apps for Education after the spring 2012 semester. The move to Google Apps will enable students to utilize Google’s popular suite of applications including Google Mail (Gmail), Google Docs, and Google Calendar. The items below provide answers to many common questions about the transition.

Why is the College migrating student accounts to Google Apps for Education?

During the process of reviewing the College’s needs and the results of a pilot program, it was determined that Google Apps for Education was a stronger fit for the student population than the current system.

In addition, Google Apps provides the following benefits:

  • Lower Costs
  • Improved Support for Mobile Devices
  • Rapid access to developing technologies
  • Familiar interface(s)

Will my Brockport email address change?

No, you’ll keep the same Brockport email address ( All email sent to that address will be delivered to your Student Gmail account after the switch is completed.

What is is the domain that Brockport has set up with Google. Your appears when you’re logged into your Brockport Google Apps account through the web, and is also part of the username you will use for non-web access such as configuring your mobile device. While this does work as an email address, your official Brockport email address remains

Will my password change?

Yes. Once your account is switched to Google, you will need to activate your account and set a new password in order to access Student Gmail and Google Apps. This is necessary in order to provide full support for your Google Apps account and to allow easier access from mobile devices.

If you forget your Google password and need to reset it, you’ll be able to use a new option in the Brockport NetID Lookup and Password Change System to update your password. This is available at:

The LITS Help Desk will also be able to assist with password resets by contact 585-395-5151, option #1.

Your NetID password that is used to access ANGEL, log into Lab Computers, access Library resources, and other technology services WILL NOT change.

Can I access my Student Gmail account from my mobile device?

Yes, Google supports Gmail (and a large collection of apps) across multiple mobile platforms. Supported devices include:

  • Android phones
  • iPhone, iPod Touch & iPads
  • Blackberries

For the latest up to date information regarding your phone and the availability of specific Apps for your device, check here:

Your Brockport Google Apps account is a completely separate account and is not associated with your personal Gmail account. By college policy, all email will be delivered to your account. If you decide to manage accounts by linking your personal and Student Gmail account you will have to use Google’s documentation for this process.

How can I get additional support during the transition?

A complete set of documentation on using student Gmail and Google Apps is available on the LITS website at:

Any additional questions and issues can be directed to the LITS Help Desk (585) 395-5151 option 1 or by emailing

Will I get to keep my Brockport Student Gmail account after I graduate?

Look for more announcements about retaining your account after graduation during Summer 2012!

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