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Google Apps Support Page


This page contacts support tips and basic troubleshooting information unique to the College at Brockport's implementation of Google Apps for Education

Locate Missing Mail

The following section details a series of basic troubleshooting situations to try when you are unable to locate mail in your Google Apps email account.

I sent an email to myself ( and did not get the message in my Inbox, where did it go?

Google Apps accounts function a little differently than regular Gmail accounts. Google has a special system-wide filter to prevent duplicate messages from reaching your Inbox. Any email that you send to yourself at from your Google Email account will not appear in your Inbox but instead is automatically archived under your “All Mail” label.

There are two workarounds for this particular issue:

  • Instead of emailing yourself at (, email messages to yourself at your fully qualified address (

  • Another option if you regularly email yourself is to follow the directions below for setting up a sendas alias:

1) Click the gear image in the upper right hand corner

2) Select “Settings”

3) Choose “Accounts and Imports”

4) Under “Send mail as:” click “Add another email address you own”

5) Enter your name and then

6) Make sure “Treat as an alias” is checked and click “Next Step”

7) A message will appear asking to send a verification email to your account. Select

8) Exit out of this box and refresh your inbox. You should see an email from The College at Brockport. Open this and click on the verification link.

9) You will now receive emails that you send to yourself in your inbox

None of these steps helped me locate my missing message!

If none of the steps in this section helped you locate your missing messages there is further documentation available from Google (My Messages have gone missing) or the Help Desk is available for questions at ☎ (585) 395-5151 option 1

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