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iCloud - Backup iOS device to iCloud


iCloud allows you to backup your data to an online storage space. In case of a malfunction with your device this back-up would allow a restoration of your data onto your device.

This documentation provides the steps to back up an iOS system to iCloud manually, and how to set up automatic back-up with iCloud. Automatic back-up will periodically back-up the device when it has a wireless connection, is plugged in, and locked. Manual back-up is recommended when doing an OS update, when doing a reset of your device, and before any other change that may effect your current data.

Data backed up to iCloud: camera roll, accounts, documents, and settings.

NOTE: You can click the screenshot images to see them in larger view.

Set up automatic back-up

1) Tap the “Settings” app

2) Tap “iCloud” from list on left hand side.

3) Tap “Storage & Backup”

(Notice the storage space available for back up files and ability to change storage plan at top)

4) Turn on “iCloud Backup” by sliding “OFF” to “ON”

5) This prompt will show. Tap “OK”. Your device is now set up for automatic back-up.

Performing a Manual Back-Up

Note: If you have not set up iCloud for automatic Backup previously please follow the steps above prior to taking these steps.

1) Tap the “Settings” app

2) Tap “iCloud” from list on left hand side.

3) Tap “Backup”

4) Tap “Back Up Now”

Notice the app will provide a date of “Last Backup”

5) The app will go through the backup and then the “Last Backup” date should change. Your device has now been backed up to iCloud.

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