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iCloud - Configuration and Setup


This documentation provides the steps to set up iCloud on an iOS device. These steps will require Apple ID log-in credentials. Have these ready and available before beginning the following steps.

Note: This documentation is in progress and incomplete. If you have any further questions or are in need of further help please contact the IT Help Desk.

NOTE: You can click the screenshot images to see them in larger view.


1) Tap the settings app

2) Tap iCloud from list on left hand side.

3) Log in with Apple ID and password

4) This prompt will appear. Tap “Don't Merge”

5) This prompt will then appear. Tap “OK”

Note: Find My iPad is a useful feature that, in a chance your iPad is lost or stolen, will allow you to locate it on a map and either remotely lock or erase it. We recommend the use of this feature.

6) Choice of what information is synced will then appear. Tap “ON” to “OFF” if you prefer not to sync that information.

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