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TurnItIn App - set-up instructions


Turnitin is a iPad app that syncs with Turnitin on your desktop allowing Faculty to grade on-the-go. Turnitin for iPad allows instructors to:

  • Leave comments, marks, and highlights
  • Grade with interactive rubrics
  • Add a voice comment
  • View an originality report
  • Navigate between papers, assignments, and classes
  • Grade offline

This documentation will provide set-up instructions, additional documentation is available on TurnItIn App - Using GradeMark.


  1. Login to ANGEL as a Course Editor (If need assistance please contact the IT Help Desk.
  2. Existent Turnitin Dropbox with at least one Student Submission (see below)
  3. Class Access Code (see below)

NOTE: You can click the screenshot images to see them in larger view.

Note: This documentation is in progress and incomplete. If you have any further questions or are in need of further help please contact the IT Help Desk.

Create Turnitin Dropbox in a course

1. Flip your iPad upright so that you are viewing your screen in portrait view. Using Safari go to and log into Angel and tap the course you would like to add a Turnitin Drop Box to.

2. Tap the 'Lessons' or 'Learning Modules' tab.

4. Tap 'Add Content'.

3. Tap Turnitin Drop Box in the list of possible content.

4. Tap the radio button to the left of 'Paper Assignment'.

5. Tap the 'Next Step' button.

6. On the Drop Box creation page, enter the following: the Drop Box title and point value for the Drop Box (optional).

7. Select start and due dates for the assignment. Please note the following:

  • Students are only able to submit once the 'start date' and time has passed.
  • Students will be blocked after the 'due date' and time (unless late submissions are enabled).
  • GradeMark users must select a post date for the assignment. This date determines when marked papers and grades will be available for student view.

8. To see more options for the Drop Box click on the 'more options' link.

9. Choose whether or not students are allowed to view Originality Reports for their submissions by selecting yes or no from the 'Allow students to see Originality Reports' option.

10. Tap 'submit' to add the Turnitin Drop Box to the course.

Note: The above images and steps were derived from TurnItIn's ANGEL Integration Instructor Manual.

Create Course Editor Turnitin Access Code for iPad

Note: To create a Turnitin access code it is required to have an active turnitin drop box within the course with at least one student submission for setup.

1. Flip your iPad upright so that you are viewing your screen in portrait view. Launch Safari on your iPad and go to (Do NOT login). Tap on the PDA icon (small phone) on the left bottom corner

2. Tap OK at the prompt below.

3. Now login to ANGEL using your NetID and Password.

4. Select the Turnitin Dropbox where a student has submitted a paper. Tap on the grade.

5. Student paper should now open. At the bottom of the paper there is an iPad icon. Tap on the icon to generate the 16 digit access code.

6. Launch the Turnitin app for iPad.

7. It will then prompt you for username and password, or class access code. Enter the class access code retrieved in step 5.

Creating interactive rubrics

Note: These steps must be done from a browser on a computer. These steps cannot be done on an iOS device.

1. Login to Angel.

2. Select the preferred course.

3. Open Turnitin dropbox you would like to add a rubric to.

4. Select settings:

5. Maximize the 'Optional Settings' menu:

6. Select 'Launch Rubric/Form Manager':

7. Select 'View available rubrics and options' button in top left corner:

8. Select 'Create new Rubric':

9. Fill in the criteria, scales, and Rubric name with your preferences and select 'Save' and then select 'Close':

11. Select the rubric you created from the drop down menu.

12. Select submit.

Note: This rubric will now be saved and will be available as an option for all Turnitin drop boxes created in this course only.

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