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Lecture Capture Using Camtasia Relay

What is Lecture Capture?

Lecture capture allows instructors to create audio/video recordings of their lecture. The captured lecture is then made available to students for web-based playback.

Why Use Lecture Capture?

There are several reasons to consider using lecture capture. By having a recording of your class, students can go back at anytime and review the material that was presented in class. An instructor can also use lecture capture to create supplemental material to be made available to students between lectures. This technology can assist with the implementation of online and hybrid classes, or if the instructor or student cannot attend class. Additionally presentations can be recorded for playback at a later date.

Types of Lecture Capture

Camtasia Relay

Camtasia Relay software captures the instructor’s computer screen, voice, and can also include the instructor's webcam. When students watch the lecture they see your recorded computer screen and hear your audio.


TechSmith Fuse is a mobile app for iOS and Android that works with Camtasia Relay. It is easy to use; you can record videos from wherever you are and submit them to the Camtasia server where the recordings are automatically published.


  • iOS Devices with iOS 5.0 or later including iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad
  • Android Devices with 2.3.3 or later

How do I install Camtasia Relay on my computer?

Follow the steps below to install Camtasia Relay on either a College-owned or personally-owned computer:

College-owned Computer (PC):

  • For college-owned PC's, Camtasia Relay is available via the SCCM 2012 Software Center and can be installed without calling the Help Desk.
  • Follow the directions at to download and install Camtasia Relay.

Personally-owned Computer (PC and Mac) & College-owned Mac:

  1. Login with your Brockport NetID and password
  2. Select the Download Recorders link at the top of the screen
  3. Select the proper version based on your computer (Windows or Mac)
  4. Download the installer file and then double click it after the download completes
  5. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the install

Once the software has been installed on your computer follow the directions at Camtasia Relay: Recording a Lecture to create a recording.

Video Output Options

Recordings created using Camtasia Relay can be output in several formats based on how they will be used:

  • Web Presentation (via Kaltura): This is the default option and is used for displaying content in ANGEL.
  • FileCity, FileCity2: This option can be used to archive a video or save it for later editing with software such as Camtasia Studio
  • YouTube: This option is available for instructors that want to make their content public.
  • Any combination of the above

Check the Status of Captured Lectures

  • Instructors can check the Camtasia Relay website to get the status of their recordings. Login using your NetID and password at:
  • Students will access instructor recordings through their course page on ANGEL.

Adding Lecture Capture Videos to ANGEL

Recordings created using Camtasia Relay can easily be posted into ANGEL for students to access and view. Complete directions are available here: Adding Lecture Capture Videos to ANGEL

Camtasia Relay Sample

Requesting Lecture Capture Help

For assistance using Lecture Capture or if you have any questions about the resources available, please submit a request to the Help Desk by calling 585-395-5151, option #1.

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