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Camtasia Relay: Recording a Lecture

To record a lecture using Camtasia Relay follow these steps:

1. Launch the Camtasia Relay software

2. On the Login screen enter your Brockport NetID and password, then click Log In

3. Verify that the system is connected by checking for this image at the bottom of the screen:

4. Adjust your settings using the toolbar at the top of the screen

  • Audio: select the proper microphone
  • Display: select the proper screen if using multiple monitors
  • Camera: select a webcam if you want to include yourself in the recording

5. Enter a Title and Description for your recording

6. To start recording use the TEST button to create a short recording to verify your settings or use the REC button to start a full recording. A 3 second count down will show on the screen before the recording begins.

7. To stop the recording use the STOP button on the recording toolbar as seen below

Or right click on the Camtasia Relay icon in the task bar on your computer and click Stop.

8. Your recording will be available on the screen for you to play and review.

9. If you need to trim any extra audio or video at the start or end of the recording, select the Trimming tool.

10. Move the playhead to the location you want to set as the beginning of the presentation and click the Set presentation start button.

11. Move the playhead to the location you want to set as the end of the presentation and click the Set presentation end button. The red area of the timeline is cut from the presentation. Once you submit or save the recording, you permanently lose this part of the recording.

12. If you are satisfied with your recording and are ready to upload it to the server for processing, then click the Submit button

13. Leave your computer connected to the Internet until the recording has finished uploading to the server. The server will process your recording and when it is finished you will receive an email from indicating that your recording is ready.

14. Recordings created using Camtasia Relay can easily be posted into ANGEL for students to access and view. Complete directions are available here: Adding Lecture Capture Videos to ANGEL

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