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-**__Room ​316 Classroom ​Technology__**+====== Room 316 Classroom ​Technology ====== 
 +===== Equipment =====
   *   ​Ceiling mounted video projector   *   ​Ceiling mounted video projector
-  * Ceiling mounted ​speaker+  * Ceiling mounted ​speakers
   *   Elmo document camera   *   Elmo document camera
   *   Dell computer   *   Dell computer
-  *   ​Laptop/​tablet connection (VGA) 
-__**Instructions**__+===== Instructions ​=====
 **To Use Computer:** **To Use Computer:**
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 {{:​metrocenter:​elmo-doc-cam-setting.png|}} ​        ​{{:​metrocenter:​elmo-doc-cam-setting2.png|}} {{:​metrocenter:​elmo-doc-cam-setting.png|}} ​        ​{{:​metrocenter:​elmo-doc-cam-setting2.png|}}
 +===== Additional Technology Request =====
 +Still need additional technology not featured in this room such a VCR, webcam, or SMART Board?
 +Fill out an AV Request: http://​​metrocenter/​av_req.html
 +====== Personalized Training ======
 +If you would like a personalized training session please chat with us using the **"​Chat with MetroCenter IT Support"​** in the lower right corner to set up an appointment. ​
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