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Updating Your Exchange Credentials on iPhone/iPad

iOS version 6.0.1


After you update your NetID password, you need to reconfigure your iOS devices to use your new password with Exchange.


This procedure is only needed by faculty, staff, and others who have Exchange accounts for email, contacts, and calendaring. If you are a student using Brockport GMail, you do not need to reconfigure your devices for email unless you also change your Brockport GMail password, since the GMail password is separate from your NetID password.


NOTE: Screen shots depict an iPhone, but the procedure is similar on iPad.

1) Run the Settings app.

2) Tap “General”:

3) Tap “Mail, Contacts, Calendars”:

4) Tap on the Brockport Exchange account in the list:

5) Tap on the Account button:

6) Delete the password, type in your current password, and then tap “Done”:

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