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====== Updating Your Exchange Credentials on OS X


When you change your NetID password, you also need to update the passwords saved for Mail, Calendar, and Address Book. Lion and Mountain Lion provide a one-stop solution for this.

Note: This documentation provides the steps for an existing Exchange account to be updated with new password information. It assumes an Exchange account has been set up previously in Mail, Calendar, and Address Book. If you need assistance with initial setup of an Exchange Account please see Configure Exchange for Mail App on Mac OS X

Note: You can click the screenshot images to see them in larger view.


1) Select “System Preferences…” from the Apple menu:


2) Click the “Internet Accounts” icon:


3) Select your Exchange account from the list on the left, then click the “Details…” button:


4) Update your password, then click the “OK” button, and close the window:


5) Test Mail, Calendar, and Address Book, to be sure that all three programs can access your Exchange account.

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