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Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I print?

Students are provided with $45 of free-of-charge printing during each semester in student access computing labs. That is equivalent to 450 single-sided black and white printed pages. If you print double-sided, that allows you 600 black and white printed pages.

Faculty and staff are provided with $10 free-of charge printing during each semester in the student-access computing labs. This is equivalent to 100 black and white printed pages.

How much does it cost to print after I exceed my quota?

Each print itself costs $.10 per print. If you print double-sided, each print will cost $.15. You can purchase more prints when you follow the PaperCutNG icon that pops up on your lab desktop. This software allows you to use a credit card to purchase prints in $5, $10 and $20 increments. Alternatively, $5 Print Cards can be purchased with cash from the Circulation Desk in Drake Memorial Library.

How can I check my balance?

Your available balance is displayed in dollars when you double click on the PapercutNG icon. A pop-up window instantly gives you the balance on your account.

Where can I print?

See our Lab Locations and Hours page.

How do I get my printing allocation?

The printing allocation is given at the beginning of the Fall and Spring semester for every student, faculty and staff member.

Does my balance roll over from semester to semester?

Yes, within the academic year (Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer). Printing account balances remaining at the end of summer will NOT be carried over to fall. At the start of the fall semester, all students, faculty and staff will reset their free-of-charge balance.

Are printing balances refundable?

No, printing balances are not refundable.

How many pages can I print during winter and summer sessions?

Students registered for a winter or a summer session will have $20 of free-of-charge balance added to their account.

There was a printing problem, what do I do?

Call the Help Desk at 585-395-5151 option 1 with any printing problems.

Can I share my print allocation?

Yes, you may share your print allocation; however, you must print from your account. Your friends should send or give you the documents they want to print. Never share your NetID or password. You alone are responsible for the use of your NetID.

What are some alternatives to printing?

  1. Send a file or document to yourself by attaching it to an email message. Web-based electronic mail programs such as Outlook or Gmail easily handle attachments.
  2. File City is personal file storage space on campus. Students and Faculty/Staff currently affiliated with The College at Brockport all have an account. It is available on all lab computers on campus and via the Web at this location:
  3. Purchase a jump drive to store files and documents.
  4. Microsoft Office OneNote! It's a software package on all lab computers used for information gathering and multi-use collaboration. The software is also designed for collecting, organizing and sharing materials. It's perfect for research projects!
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