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 ======Print to a lab printer over Wireless====== ======Print to a lab printer over Wireless======
- +This article was moved to  
-If you prefer, {{:​printing:​laptop-printing.pdf|download the PDF}}. +​
-  - To print to a lab printer from a laptop open a browser and go to +
-  - Log in using your NetId and Password, just as you would sign into Webmail or Angel. +
-  - Under Printing Account menu on the left hand side, click Web Print. +
-  - Towards the bottom right hand corner, click Submit a Job. +
-  - Select a printer and then click Print Options and Account Selection. +
-  - Select the number of copies you would like printed, then click Upload Document. +
-  - Click Browse to find the file you wish to print. **Note the file extensions you are able to upload; only files that end with these extensions will be able to print.** +
-  - After selecting your document click Upload and Complete. After clicking Upload and Complete, your document will be printed to the printer you selected.+
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