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SCCM 2012 Software Center

New Way to Install Software

LITS has been working on a new way to deploy software to the campus. Microsoft SCCM Software Center will allow faculty and staff to install approved software when they want to install it. We are very excited about the potential for SCCM to improve our support processes. Instructions on how to use the software center are here:

Microsoft System Center 2012 - How to Use

1. Access System Center by navigating to ‘Start’ → ‘All Programs’ → ‘Microsoft System Center 2012’ →

‘Configuration Manager’ → Select ‘Software Center’

Within Software Center a list of available software will be displayed under the ‘Available Software’ tab.

*NOTE: Not all the software that is actually available on campus will be displayed; for specialty licensed software not listed please contact the Help Desk and once approved for installation it will show up within the software center. A list of available campus software can be found at:

Select the software which needs to be installed and then select ‘INSTALL’ in the bottom right hand corner of the Software Center. All information about the software including file size, estimated time, description, and help documentation can be found at the bottom of the Software Center. The installation process can also be monitored by selecting the ‘Installation Status’ tab at the top of the window.

Under the ‘Installed Software’ tab a list of all software installed on the workstation will be listed. If a piece of software is desired to be uninstalled from the workstations first highlight the software from the list and then select ‘UNINSTALL’.

*NOTE: Not all software listed can be uninstalled; Microsoft Office CANNOT be uninstalled from a workstation. For questions or assistance please contact the Help Desk.*

If you have questions, feel free to contact the IT Help Desk at x5151 option 1

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