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How To Procure an iPad or Tablet


As of April 2, 2007, all purchase orders for computer equipment, including tablets such as iPads, will be reviewed by Technology Support Services prior to processing by Procurement and Payment Services.

This documentation page serves as a guideline in ordering Tablet computers (including iPads) using State funds. This documentation was derived from policies in place with Procurement and Payment Services. For up to date information see Procurement Card Program Updates.

What you need to know about Purchasing Computer Equipment

Technology Procurement Procedure:

  • Requesters must use the Technology Procurement System (TPS) to obtain an approval code for each purchase requisition prior to submitting the requisition to Procurement & Payment Services.
  • Technology Support Services staff will review each transmission and contact departments if changes are necessary to the tablet specifications.
  • Once approved by Technology Support Services, the ordering department and Procurement & Payment Services will be notified via email showing the appropriate approval code.
  • The approval code number should be referenced on the purchase requisition form by the ordering department when submitted to Procurement & Payment Services.
  • The purchase order will be generated and delivery will be made directly to Technology Support Services.
  • Technology Support Services will set-up and deliver the equipment to the ordering department.

For Your Information

  1. Computer equipment purchased with personal funds cannot be reimbursed with State funds or BASC funds under any circumstance.
  2. Per procurement card program guidelines, computer equipment purchases are NOT permitted using a P-Card for payment. VISA Policies & Procedures provides more information.
  3. Computer equipment may be purchased with Grant money intended for purchasing the equipment. Contact the IT Help Desk for assistance.
  4. App purchasing:
    • Free Apps: Free Apps may be installed directly through the App Store on the device.
    • Apps with a Cost: Apps with a cost associated with them must be purchased through the Volume Purchase Program.

Computer equipment is defined as follows:

Anything that may require IT support including but not limited to: PC’s, laptops and tablet computers which include the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Nook or KindleFire devices. As new technologies become available to compete with existing tablet computers or other processing equipment, they will also be restricted.

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