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 ====== How To Procure an iPad or Tablet====== ​ ====== How To Procure an iPad or Tablet====== ​
-===== Overview ===== +This article was moved to  
-As of April 2, 2007, all purchase orders for computer equipment, including tablets such as iPads, will be reviewed by ITS prior to processing by Procurement and Payment Services. ​ 
-This documentation page serves as a guideline in ordering Tablet computers (including iPads) using State funds. ​ 
-//Note: This documentation is in progress and incomplete. If you have any further questions or are in need of further help please contact the [[http://​​lits/​helpdesk/​|IT Help Desk]]. 
-===== What you need to know about Purchasing Computer Equipment===== 
-  - Computer equipment purchased with personal funds cannot be reimbursed with State funds or BASC funds under any circumstance. ​ 
-  - Per procurement card program guidelines, computer equipment purchases are NOT permitted using a P-Card for payment. [[http://​​pps/​p-card/​policies | VISA Policies & Procedures]] provides a [[http://​​pps/​p-card/​policies#​donot|Restricted Items List]] for more information. ​ 
-  - Computer equipment may be purchased with Grant money intended for purchasing the equipment. Contact the [[http://​​lits/​helpdesk/​|IT Help Desk]] for assistance. ​ 
-  - App purchasing: ​ 
-            * Free Apps: Free Apps may be installed directly through the App Store on the device. ​ 
-            * Apps with a Cost: Apps with a cost associated with them must be purchased through the [[http://​​eagle/​doc/​2012-01/​item_2822_6638.pdf | Volume Purchase Program]]. ​ 
-**Computer equipment is defined as follows:** 
-//Anything that may require IT support including but not limited to: PC’s, laptops and tablet computers which include the Apple iPad, Microsoft Surface, Nook or KindleFire devices. ​ As new technologies become available to compete with existing tablet computers or other processing equipment, they will also be restricted.// ​ 
-===== Introduction to the current Tablet Computer Ordering procedure =====  
-The current Procedure for Ordering Tablet Computers Using State Funds allow for improved support services from ITS by:  
-  * Making sure that all systems meet campus minimum requirements. 
-  * Ensuring that limited resources are spent appropriately by making sure that all systems meet minimum campus requirements. ​ 
-  * That systems are not configured with unnecessary features that will raise the purchase price. 
-This information was derived from the [[http://​​lits/​procurement/​2011-12-01-tablets.pdf | 
-    December 1, 2011 memo introducing the new procedure for ordering tablet computers (PDF)]]. 
-    ​ 
-===== Overview of Procurement Steps ===== 
-  * Requesters must use the Technology Procurement System (TPS) to obtain an approval code for each purchase requisition prior to submitting the requisition to Procurement & Payment Services. (Steps given below) ​ 
-  * ITS staff will review each transmission and contact departments if changes are necessary to the tablet specifications. 
-  * Once approved by ITS, the ordering department and Procurement & Payment Services will be notified via email showing the appropriate approval code. 
-  * The approval code number should be referenced on the purchase requisition form by the ordering department when submitted to Procurement & Payment Services. 
-  * The purchase order will be generated and delivery will be made directly to ITS. 
-  * ITS will set-up and deliver the equipment to the ordering department. ​ 
-The [[http://​​its/​techreq/​TPSQuickGuide.pdf|Technology Procurement System Quick Guide]] provides an easy to follow, step-by-step guide on following the Policy Steps listed above. ​ 
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