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 ====== Videoconferencing ====== ====== Videoconferencing ======
-===== What is Videoconferencing? ===== +This article was moved to [[https://​​]] 
-Videoconferencing allows groups at different locations to interact with each other through high quality video and audio connections. ​+
-===== Why Use Videoconferencing?​ ===== 
-Videoconferencing can help users save travel costs by allowing participants to meet and interact from separate locations. Videoconferencing (as set up by Classroom Technology.) offers a more reliable, higher quality connection than Skype or other free webconferencing. 
-===== Where can You Use Videoconferencing?​ ===== 
-There are currently several rooms on campus that have videoconferencing equipment permanently installed. If those rooms are not available, portable videoconferencing equipment is available and can be set up in any location on campus that has a network connection. 
-===== Request Videoconferencing ===== 
-To schedule a videoconference contact: 
-  * Classroom Technology 395-5151 opt. 5 
-  * <​html>​ <a href="​mailto:​">​</​a></​html>​ 
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