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VMware for iPad & iPhone Setup and Use


The VMware app allows user to access Brockport's virtual lab (Vlab). Download the VMware app for iOS devices from the App Store.

If you are not connected to a brockport server you will need to follow the directions of setting up OpenVPN by clicking on this link: OpenVPN iOS Client Install

Notes: VMware is a free App.

External Keyboards

Notes: Supports iPad Keyboard Dock and Apple Wireless Keyboards (BlueTooth)

1) The iPad Keyboard docks are automatically detected by VMware but to use a Wireless / BlueTooth Keyboard you must:

  • First pair the device with the IOS Device.
  • Once paired make sure onscreen keyboard in split keyboard mode is turned off.
  • To make VMware detect keyboard you tap on the screen with 3 fingers at same time or tap the keyboard button in the interface tools.
  • After a Wireless/ BlueTooth keyboard is detected you cannot use the Tools or 3 finger tap to display onscreen keyboard. You must deactivate external keyboard by pressing its Eject Key.

How to download VMware and using it with VLab

1) Log into the App store from your iOS device.

2) Click on the Search bar and type in VMware

3) Now click on “FREE” to Install VMware.

4) Go to your iPad/iPhone home and Open VMware

5) Now click either on Add Server or the + sign on top shown below

6) When asked for the host name or IP address enter “”

7) Once you entered the IP address / Host Name then Press “Connect”

8) Now enter your Username (NetID) and password on the next screen like the one below

9) Press “Done”

10) Choose “SUNY Brockport Virtual Lab”

11) Congratulations you have successfully logged in.

Recent Connections

1) Once you have added a IP address / Host name you will have a Recent Connection Page.

2) This will save all the information you have gave in the previous steps.

3) Removal of a Recent Connection: You can remove a Recent Connection by just holding your finger down on the one you would like to remove and click on the X button on top of it.

4) You can also change the user name and WIN by clicking on the cloud than the (i) like whats in red on the picture below.

Note: When setting up a connection it will automatically save your user name. This way you can delete that username so that it will have to be manually put in every time.

How to use VMware Features

Notes: This is some information on the tool bar as shown below

1) When you are already connect you will get a screen like one below. Click on the middle circle to see all the tool options available.

Middle Circle:


2) The first tool is settings bar, brings you to a bunch of settings you can change.

3) The second tool is direct mouse, instead of tapping where the mouse goes this tool allows you to hold your finger down and slide mouse around.

4) The third tool is a keyboard.

5) The fourth tool is the control keys.

6) The fifth tool is to Disconnect from the VMWare Connection

7) The last tool is just a help tool.

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