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Vlab Information

VLAB enables Brockport students, faculty, and staff to access our campus lab computers from home. Once this program is installed, the user can simply log in and utilize any of our PC software programs! Please visit the supported software in labs page for a complete list of software available through Vlab.

Download Instructions:

Logging in/out of Vlab

Log into Vlab by select the VMware client you downloaded, use your NetID and password.

Log out of Vlab by clicking the “Log Off” icon on the desktop.

Saving Files on Vlab

Just like the campus computers you CANNOT save files on the desktop or in your folders. Once you log out, they will disappear.

Save files to filecity, Google Docs, or email them to yourself.

Documentation reviewed on 7/20/2015 by ssmit20.

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