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Using Remote Desktop through Virtual Lab

Step 1. Preparing the Office Computer (This will need to be done with IT)

Check the computer name and record it

1) Go to Start menu

2) Right click on “Computer” in top right

3) Click “Properties”

4) Write down all information next to “Full Computer Name”: (example-

Turn on Remote Desktop connection

1) Right click on “Computer” and go to “Properties”

2) Click on “Remote Settings” in top left

3) Enter Admin credentials

4) Make sure you’re on the “Remote” tab. Click the first checkbox: “Allow Remote Assistance connections to this computer”

5) Select the last option in the next section: “Allow Connections only from computers running Remote Desktop with Network Level Authentication (more secure)”

6) Click “Select Users”

7) Click “Add”

8) Type the user's NetID into the box and click “OK”

9) Then click “OK”, and then click “Apply”.

Step 2. Removing Specific Remote Desktop Rule

1) Go to “Control Panel”

2) Click “Windows Firewall”

3) Go to “Advanced Settings”

4) Go to “Inbound Rules” in left-hand pane

5) Click “Name” in order to sort alphabetically

6) Find “Remote Desktop”

7) Delete all “Remote Desktops” that end in (TCP-In) by right-clicking and selecting “Delete”. There should be 4 of them. Keep the one that just says “Remote Desktop” enabled.

Step 3. Preparing the Home Computer

Download and run the “VMware View Client” for Mac/PC

For instructions on how to download VLAB, go to:

Step 4. Connecting to Your Office Computer

1) Click the Start menu in the VLAB client

2) Search for “Remote Desktop Connection”

3) Click the first item in the list

4) Enter the “Full Computer Name” (written down in Step 1) into the box that pops up

5) Click “Connect”

6) Enter NetID and password

At this point you should be connected to your office machine. Call the Help Desk 585-395-5151 option 1 if you have any further questions!

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