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OpenVPN iOS Client Install

Getting Started

To install and setup OpenVPN on your iOS device, you will need to submit a request to the LITS Help Desk at 585-395-5151 option 1. LITS staff will create the configuration files needed for your account and send you a notification when your request has been processed.

NOTE: Please indicate the number and types of computers and mobile devices that you need to connect as a configuration file is required for each individual device. You should not use the same configuration file on more than one computer or mobile device.

Remove old VPN profile

Check to see whether you already have a VPN profile installed and remove it:

1. Tap the “Settings” app, then tap “General” in the Settings list in the left column.

2. Tap “VPN” on the right side of the screen.

3. If there are no configurations listed under “Choose a Configuration…” then you're done, and you can skip to the next section, otherwise, click the blue circle at the right of the configuration to be removed.

4. Tap the dismiss keyboard button at the bottom right of the keyboard.

5. Tap the “Delete VPN” button.

6. Confirm the deletion.

Copy Configuration Files

1. LITS staff will notify you when your OpenVPN request has been processed. The notification will provide information on downloading configuration files to your computer.

Install OpenVPN Connect from the App Store

1. Launch the App Store on your iOS device

2. In the Search box, enter “openvpn”

3. Locate the OpenVPN Connect app (app is available for free) and install it

Install Brockport OpenVPN Profile

1. Connect the iOS device to your computer

2. Launch iTunes on your computer

3. From within iTunes, browse the iOS device by clicking on the “iPad/iPhone” button (top right hand corner)

4. From within iTunes, select Apps

5. In the File Sharing/Apps section (located at the bottom of the screen, so you may need to scroll down), highlight the OpenVPN App, and click the “Add” button.

6. In the open file dialogue which appears, locate and select the file called brockport.ovpn that was copied to your computer earlier, then click the “Open” button.

7. brockport.ovpn should now appear in the list of OpenVPN Documents.

8. Close out of iTunes and disconnect the iOS device from the computer.

Complete Setup and Verify Connection

1. Launch the OpenVPN client on the iOS device. Press the green plus sign to add the profile.



2. The profile should now be installed on the iOS device. Instructions on using the device with OpenVPN are available here: How to Connect to OpenVPN for iOS

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